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Everything from rich, historic art to innovative and contemporary works thrives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the heart of East Coast arts and culture. 

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is an experience unlike any other. Visitors will experience Nova Scotian folk art by celebrated artist Maud Lewis and will experience acclaimed Mi'kmaq collections. Experience the places and people that give Halifax its lively Maritime culture!

Browse through and discover Halifax art galleries, museums and historical sites including:

And make sure you catch a show at Neptune Theatre or Symphony Nova Scotia and maybe even take part in a traditional Ceilidh

Do some self-touring of the Halifax arts and culture scene:

Maritime culture is accessible to anyone from amateur art-lovers to experienced enthusiasts. For plenty of ways to experience and enjoy arts and culture in Halifax, check out our blog, featuring recommendations and reviews from local writers and bloggers! 

Learn more about the cultural origins of Nova Scotia and Halifax from Tourism Nova Scotia

Sample Attractions and Packages

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
A living history fort in the heart of Halifax, where cannons and bagpipes still resonate.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Hops and Vines
Blue Diamond Tours
Day Trip In the Cajun Motherland
Blue Diamond Tours
Welcome to Lunenburg
Blue Diamond Tours