Culinary & Wine

Halifax prides itself on locally sourced ingredients, fresh seafood and innovative chefs making this region the centre of Canadian Maritime Cuisine.

Enjoy classic east coast recipes and a wide range of international cuisines. Taste our city through:

Make sure you visit at least one of these 5 delicious Halifax donair dealers!

Our legendary Maritime cuisine extends beyond city limits and into our thriving wine country. Learn from the winemakers themselves as you explore at your own pace or take a winery tour.

Learn more about Halifax’s culinary scene. Check out a blog about Halifax's annual Savour Food & Wine Event: Why Savour is THE Food and Wine Event of the Year! by Martha Gallagher 


Sample Attractions and Packages

Acadian Maple Products Ltd.
Domaine de Grand Pre Winery and Le Caveau Restaurant
Local Tasting Tours
Take a bite out of Halifax with entertaining tours including delicious local food and history!
Eat Halifax Tour
Taste Halifax Food Tours
13th Annual Harmonica Festival Getaway
Memory Lane Heritage Village
5 night Nova Scotia Oceanside Cottage & Breakfast Package
White Point Beach Resort