Third Annual Halifax Tea Festival - Steeped by Humani-T

What can you expect at the Halifax Tea Festival? You can expect to see dozens of tea houses and vendors from across the Maritimes, looking to make a one-on-one connection with you! The Tea Festival will  teach the ins and outs of the tea community, how to properly make and grade tea, and more! There will be a cafe sitting area with local art and food, interactive workshops, bakeries, and more! You can get your tea leaves read, try tea samples you've never had before, and increase your knowledge of tea, while having fun and supporting your local economy! The Halifax Tea Festival brings together like-minded people to raise awareness around locally owned and operated teashops, cafes, local food establishments, organic agriculture, artisans, etc.  This festival supports the Buy Local movement by providing an accessible way to introduce products and services to the community in a unique and fun manner.  If you want to see more about the festival and photos from previous years, look us up on Facebook (Halifax Tea Festival) or visit . 

Admission details

Advance sales tickets are available at both Humani-T locations, World Tea House, and Sawadee Tea House in Halifax

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