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Photo by Scott Munn

Day 1 - Halifax

Halifax is full of history, culture and heritage and offers many opportunities for enriching experiences for students and youth:
Halifax Citadel National Historic Site - Visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic site and become a “Soldier for a Day” - designated a “Signature Experience” by the Canadian Tourism Commission. Step back in time to 1869, as Canada was emerging from colony to nation, and find out what life was really like for the “redcoats” by living it yourself.

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 - From the 1920s to the 1970s, Pier 21 was Canada's 'front door' to over one million immigrants, wartime evacuees, refugees, troops, war brides and their children. Experience the history of this impressive site, which is a testament to Canada's profoundly emotional immigration experience. Students can partake in the ‘Landed Immigrant Experience’. Each student is given a Pier 21 passport, they then go through a re-creation of what immigrants experienced when they first entered Canada.

Bedford Institute of OceanographyVisit Canada's largest oceanographic research centre. Get up close and personal with starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, lobsters and many other native marine species at the Sea Pavilion, which houses both touch and viewing tanks. Take a virtual reality tour of the Sable Gully, view a Titanic exhibit, and learn about the Grey Seals of Sable Island and deep sea corals located off our coast.

Halifax Harbour Cruise - There are several options to choose from to explore the world’s second largest natural harbour. You can select from a variety of harbour sailing tours, from tall ships and tug boats to an amphibious tour or a cruise along the waterfront on a paddle boat. You can also take a 15 minute ride on the oldest continuing saltwater ferry service in North America. 

IMAX Theatre - Visit Atlantic Canada’s only IMAX theatre and experience the latest IMAX feature.

Day 2 - Maitland Shore

Shubenacadie River Tidal Bore Rafting (All day Adventure) - The Bay of Fundy is particularly noted for its high tides, the highest in the world, and for its Tidal Bore. In the funnel shaped Bay of Fundy, which is 48 miles wide at its mouth and narrows down along its entire length, the tide waters enter the bay at its widest point. As the tide pushes inward towards the head of the bay, it is squeezed together by the ever narrowing sides and constant shallowing of the bottom. In the Shubenacadie River, this incoming tide creates a wave, varying from a small ripple to 10 ft+ in height. This wave is referred to as a "Tidal Bore". At certain times of the day you can witness the phenomenon of a river changing direction before your very eyes. This directional change is created by the tidal wave, or bore, flowing in over the outgoing water. The Bore is followed by 3 to12+ foot rapids. Nowhere else in the world can a tidal bore of this magnitude be seen. The size or height of the tidal bore varies according to the phases of the moon. The highest bores occur around the full and new moons.

The tidal bore rafting tour is specifically designed to experience the fullest effect of this impressive tidal river. Versatile zodiacs venture down stream with expert guides at low tide, between sand flats and high cliffs. Participants enjoy the scenic beauty of this impressive tidal river and see magnificent bald eagles in their natural habitat. Sightings are made almost every trip! Nature is experienced at its fullest as the boats venture over the world-famous tidal bore. Watch in awe as a small stream reverses into a turbulent river. The wet and wild adventure begins, as participants ride the tidal bore and the roller-coaster rapids over and over, following the incoming tide back to the starting point.

After this awesome, one of a kind experience, rafters head for the shower to clean up before relaxing in the lodge.

Day 3 - South Shore

East Coast Outfitters Kayaking (All Day Adventures) - Enjoy a full day of paddling with a gourmet maritime picnic lunch on one of the many islands in the bay. View seabirds, seals and maybe even whales as you explore Nova Scotia’s seacoast. This paddling trip leaves you exhilarated, refreshed, and full of great food. If you don't feel like paddling home, you can choose to be picked up by the company fishing boat. Upon returning to the boathouse, a party can be set up with a BBQ and entertainment.

If you’re not too stuffed, consider feasting on a traditional lobster supper at the Shore Club in Hubbards. Pair your dinner with a dance on Saturdays, and take in live music at this legendary Nova Scotia dance hall.