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Experience the past and present at a Halifax museum

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
With a history dating to 1908, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia acts as a gateway for the visual arts in Atlantic Canada by bringing the art of the world to Nova Scotia and the art of Nova Scotia to the world. Discover Nova Scotian folk art with the new, permanent collection, Show of Hands, which celebrates the imaginative creations in the hands of artists whose lives were, and are, inextricably bound to the land and sea. Art lovers should place the gallery high on their list of  
Halifax attractions. 

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is the oldest and largest Maritime Museum in Canada. The collection at the Halifax museum includes artifacts, images, charts and plans relating to the marine history of Nova Scotia, including the Halifax Explosion and the Halifax connection to the Titanic. The Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian merchant marine, Nova Scotia small craft and local shipwrecks are particular strengths of the collection much of which represents the period 1850 to the present.

Museum of Natural History
At the Museum of Natural History,there’'s something for everyone! Discover the natural wonders of Nova Scotia’'s land and sea. Enjoy world class fossils, mammals, birds, archaeology and exquisite First Nations Mi’kmaw porcupine quillwork on bark. Visiting exhibitions from national and sometimes international sources are complimented by interpretative programs offered by Museum Naturalists.